Argadens Rosé AOC Bordeaux Rosé - Technical sheet


Argadens Rosé

AOC Bordeaux Rosé

An original and singular bottle with a generously curved silhouette. A simple and sober label for a stylish, modern wine. Argadens Rosé is just made for festive occasions or relaxing over a light summer evening meal with all the family. Designed to meet contemporary consumption habits, this is an expressive, light and convivial wine. Suitable for Vegan.

Technical sheets

  • 2018

    VINTAGE 2018


    Magnificent limpid, pale pink hue. This wine offers up a pleasantly light bouquet of small red-berried fruit and floral scents. At one with it, the palate is elegant, the finish nicely balanced by fine freshness.


    To drink from 2019, within the 3 years following its vintage.