Château De La Grange AOC Blaye - Côtes de Bordeaux Red - Technical sheet


Château De La Grange

AOC Blaye - Côtes de Bordeaux Red

Jean, Alain and Bertrand Carreau are three generations of a wine-growing family lovingly continuing a farming culture handed down by numerous ancestors at the place where one of them finally weighed anchor in around 1900, at Château les Moines. The vineyard of Château de La Grange was bought in 1970. Situated in the village of Blaye, this contiguous estate overlooks the Gironde Estuary. With a soul carved out by two centuries of history, the vineyard produces a finely expressive wine, taking advantage of a climate that yields beautifully coloured, fruity, robust wines which on ageing develop a very fine bouquet. True to their winegrowing roots, the Carreau family aim to give their customers the best of their savoir-faire.

Technical sheets

  • 2010

    VINTAGE 2010


    The fruit of a legendary vintage from an exceptional terroir, this wine owes its remarkable quality to the painstaking work undertaken in the vineyard in recent years (short pruning, managed grass cover, restricted yields, green harvesting, integrated pest control), as well as to winemaking techniques aimed at fostering extraction of the fruit and colour without an overly robust structure. A blend of Merlot and Cabernet, on swirling this 2010 opens to reveal intensely fruity aromas with spicy notes of the finest quality. Ample, rich extract, a perceptible but supple tannic structure, fruit elegantly rubbing shoulders with hints of spice, the beautifully fresh finish – this wine has everything for a pleasant tasting experience. It will make a fine accompaniment for gourmet charcuterie, white or barbecued meat, side of beef with ceps, or mature cheese.


    Ready for drinking from 2014. Good ageing potential.