Domaine de Cassagnau Chardonnay Limoux AOC Limoux White - Technical sheet


Domaine de Cassagnau Chardonnay Limoux

AOC Limoux White

Situated at the junction between the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates in the foremost foothills of the Pyrenees, the terroir here is the cradle of one of the smallest appellations, covering just a few hundred hectares: white AOC Limoux! The rules governing production are particularly strict: with yields restricted to 5hl/ha and grapes that have to be hand-picked and fermented solely in oak barrels with 10 months’ ageing make this wine one of the gems of Cathar Country, as this historical region is sometimes called!

Technical sheets

  • 2014

    VINTAGE 2014


    This is a very tiny cuvee made from Jacques’ old Chardonnay vines! Everything about it is remarkable: an engaging hue of pale yellow with a touch of gold at the rim, an intense bouquet of tropical fruit (mango, pineapple) and white-fleshed fruit (peach) combined with notes of elegant oak – the result of meticulous ageing for ten months in barrels of French oak. A symphony of flavours on the palate! Fantastically smooth, creamy, and highlighted by mineral and citrussy notes! Lingering, fresh and generous all at the same time. Ready for tasting right now! The only criticism is that he made so little of it!!


    To drink young, within the 2-3 years following its vintage.