Domaine de Cassagnau Pinot Noir IGP Pays d'Oc Rouge - Technical sheet


Domaine de Cassagnau Pinot Noir

IGP Pays d'Oc Rouge

With this cuvee, my aim was to pay tribute to Pinot Noir. Here at Cassagnau, this variety, which is absolutely emblematic of Burgundy’s finest wines, has exactly the terroir it needs to express itself to the full. Like its compatriot, Chardonnay, the combination of Mediterranean and Atlantic climates provides the freshness and humidity it thrives on.

Technical sheets

  • 2017

    VINTAGE 2017


    This wine has benefited from all the generosity of this 2016 vintage and the personality of its unique terroir. It is an elegant ruby hue with brilliant tints at the rim. The nose unashamedly displays the cherry notes so typical of Pinot Noir with a spicy, even peppery touch. The fresh palate, nicely set off by hints of violet and berried fruit, is silky and supple, with elegant tannins extending all the way to the enticing finish. A pinot noir that stands out from his native Burgundy. To discover…


    To drink from 2018 to enjoy its beautiful aromatic palette and its freshness. It will accompany perfectly your summer evenings with friends.