Puy Laroque AOC Graves Red - Technical sheet


Puy Laroque

AOC Graves Red

Puy Laroque is made with grapes harvested by Maison Sichel in the Langon region. It reaps the benefit of all the experience and technique that have been developed at Bel Air for the past 30 years.

Technical sheets

  • 2015

    VINTAGE 2015


    The fruit of a great Bordeaux vintage, this is a deeply coloured wine with bright red tints. It presents a charmingly expressive bouquet with fine notes of red fruit, cherry and spices highlighted by hints of the typical smoky, flinty taste of the terroir. Balanced, mouthfilling extract is sustained by elegant tannins of remarkable freshness. An easy-to-drink wine which will be a pleasant accompaniment to any festive meal.


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    Médaille d'Or - Concours de Bordeaux 2016
    Médaille de Bronze - Concours des Grands Vins de France - Mâcon 2016