Château Haut Barade AOC Bordeaux Red - Техническое описание


Château Haut Barade

AOC Bordeaux Red

Although less well-known than its fellow Bordeaux varieties, Petit Verdot is of equally high quality. This native Médoc variety is found in numerous crus classés. Petit Verdot Noir used to be considered as a variety peculiar to the Médoc. Although still fairly uncommon in the Bordeaux region, there has been renewed interest in the variety in recent years. It is a high-quality grape which imparts body and colour to blends made for cellaring. Petit Verdot adds certain markedly varietal aromas, such as raspberry, violet and liquorice. It yields rich, generous wines of unusual character.

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  • 2014

    Миллезим 2014


    A beautifully crafted wine, well-bred and typical of the greatest Bordeaux terroirs. Sombre, almost black hue with deep purple tints. Generous nose of violet, elderberry and spices typical of carefully cultivated Petit Verdot. The great freshness at the attack evolves to reveal generous, smooth extract enveloping a lingering structure.


    Ready for drinking from 2015.