Château Pierron AOC Bordeaux White - Техническое описание


Château Pierron

AOC Bordeaux White

Family-owned since 1954. Today,the third generation of the Cardarelli family is passionately pursuing the estate’s development and modernisation,producing carefully crafted wines. Shouldered by their wives the three brothers have joined forces to give the very best of themselves. Careful tending of the vines and winemaking techniques combining modernity and tradition impart the authenticity and constant, high quality typical of the best growths in the region to the wines of Château Pierron.

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  • 2011

    Миллезим 2011


    Beautiful pale yellow with green tints. The nose is a charming profusion of overripe fruit (apricot, tropical fruit) and delicate citrus notes. The supple, fresh palate confirms this aromatic impression. Sweetness and vivacity are ideally balanced in this blend of Sauvignon and Sémillon. A wine of great finesse, as confirmed by the lingering finish. A pleasant aperitif drink, much appreciated mixed with blackcurrant liqueur. Enjoy with seafood, shellfish and salads.


    To drink young. At its best drunk within the 3 to 4 years following its vintage.