Les Corioles - Cabernet Sauvignon VDP Pays d'Oc Red - Техническое описание


Les Corioles - Cabernet Sauvignon

VDP Pays d'Oc Red

The vineyards that produce Les Corioles grow in a much-coveted terroir with a Mediterranean climate at the foot of the western Pyrenees. The naturally low yields and favourable sunshine together with careful tending are what give these wines their rich bouquet and creamy tannins.

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  • 2014

    Миллезим 2014


    Profound garnet hue with deep purple tints. The nose reveals aromas of blackcurrant and blackberry, with slightly spicy notes from the surrounding Mediterranean shrubland, or garrigue. The expressive bouquet gives way to a silky front of palate, followed by round, smooth tannins. Definitely a wine for pleasure, great as an aperitif or for enjoying over a relaxed meal with family or friends.


    At its best within 3 years of the harvest.