Ampelomeryx Vin de France White - Техническое описание



Vin de France White

An original, easy-to-drink wine. The distinctive trait of this wine is the nose, with its powerful bouquet of white fleshed fruit (peach and apricot). The vanilla notes are a sign of masterful barrel-ageing. The structure and fatness of the Chardonnay predominate on the front-of-palate, while the predominating characteristics at the finish are the freshness and elegance of the Petit Manseng. A truly great dry white wine, displaying remarkable balance and originality. Suitable for Vegan.

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  • 2022

    Миллезим 2022


    This white wine with a green reflection has fruity and white flower aromas. We detect candied pineapple, stewed peach and William pear. The mouth reflects the nose to which are added notes of sweet spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. It will accompany fish dishes such as salmon, salmon trout, tuna steak... or even white meat such as lamb, veal or poultry in sauce.


    To drink young, within the 5 years following the vintage.