Bordeaux Sichel AOC Bordeaux White - Техническое описание


Bordeaux Sichel

AOC Bordeaux White

With the Sichel range we offer the consumer wines that are vinified with the highest levels of competence, selected with severity always representative of the label of origin and which remain affordable. They are quality wines produced to bring guaranteed pleasure.

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  • 2022

    Миллезим 2022


    Brilliant, in colour with tints just verging on gold. Fresh, delicate nose displaying a range of floral notes (white blossom, acacia) and fruit (peach and mango), and shot through with mineral touch. The freshness of the palate, imparted by just the right amount of acidity, goes hand in hand with rounded extract reminiscent of crunchy, ripe fruit The finish with notes of exotic fruits is airily light and very refreshing. A pleasurable, easy-to-drink wine to serve chilled as an aperitif with friends or as an accompaniment to a light meal, for example with white meat.


    Wine to drink young. Within 3 to 4 years following the vintage.