Chic IGP Pays d'Oc Rosé - Техническое описание



IGP Pays d'Oc Rosé

Crafted with the utmost skill and the result of stringent selection, a wine representative of its appellation. Designed to meet the requirements of modern consumption habits, this expressive, likeable quaff goes down especially well outside mealtimes; ideal for wine bars. Its polished, discreet and pared-down aesthetic reflects a desire to appeal to a broad customer base. Generous and impatient, CHIC ROSÉ is first and foremost synonymous with pleasure and conviviality. The star of the summer – and any other time of year! Suitable for Vegan.

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    Superb, fashionable pastel hue. Bouquet of small red-berried fruits, but also exudes refreshing citrussy notes. The palate is delicateness itself, gentle and fruity at the attack, supplying an invigorating sense of freshness at the finish. A rosé that’s as light as air, an ideal and refined companion for canapés and cocktail dinners or light meals. A ray of summer sunshine whatever the season.


    To drink young, within the 24 months following its vintage.