Pilaho - Le pétillant de Pellehaut SIGP Vin Mousseux White - Техническое описание


Pilaho - Le pétillant de Pellehaut

SIGP Vin Mousseux White

The result of Mathieu Beraut’s wish to produce a natural, sparkling and above all low-alcohol wine (just 7.5%), Pilaho (a blend of our white grapes) is at last a reality after years of testing and reflection. Low in alcohol, naturally sweet,subtly effervescent, PILAHO puts the SPARKLE into the PELLEHAUT range. Suitable for Vegan.

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    Brilliant wine with greenish tints. Fine bubbles rising from the bottom of the glass. Dazzling visual appearance. The nose is one “aromatic explosion”. Very intense and complex, with notes of tropical and citrus fruit, as well as white fleshed fruit (white peach). You can also discern some floral notes. The same intensity is found on the palate, sustained by the finely balanced sweetness and natural, tangy freshness. The fine bubbles burst onto the palate, freeing up deliciously fruity aromas. The impression is one of biting into a ripe fruit. The aromas have incredible length, with the tropical fruit flavours lingering for several seconds after tasting. The fine bubbles give PILAHO a light, airy feel. Serve Pilaho chilled as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to an hors d'oeuvre of fresh foie gras with figs or a salad of scallops…or with your favourite dessert. Pilaho is a marvellous wine for festive meals and other special occasions, whatever the time of year.


    18 months after vintage.