In our bottling subsidiary SICSOE situated in Cénac near to Bordeaux, we have a state-of-the-art tool running to optimum efficiency and equipped to deal with all bottling, labelling and case-filling tasks.

Vat-stored wines

We have an impressive array of stainless steel vats, all temperature controlled and “inerted” with nitrogen to safeguard the wines from any risk of oxidation and ensure that they keep all their youthfulness and taste.

The vats are of very diverse sizes, enabling us to accommodate batches with very different volumes.




Thanks to SICSOE, Maison Sichel is able to label and package batches in line with the specific needs of individual customers. Moreover, we have ideal storage facilities for preserving the quality of the wines right up to shipping.

Alexander Sichel

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Storage of bottled wines

Finished products are stored in dedicated warehousing specially designed and equipped for long-term cellaring of Grands Crus Classés. Our Grands Crus storage facility is completely secure and fully climate-conditioned.

Quality policy

In pursuit of top quality, Sicsoe applies HACCP methods and maintains its certification to a number of different international quality standards (BRC, ISO 9001 and 14001, IFS, ...).

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We take every measure to ensure that our wines and services fulfil the highest possible quality standards.

Max Sichel

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