Sichel Sport

Sichel Sport is a sports club made up of numerous members of the Sichel family and Maison Sichel employees. Practising numerous sports disciplines, they train on a regular basis to compete in different triathlons of all distances.

Maison Sichel has joined forces with Sichel Sport to encourage, support and promote sports initiatives which convey the powerful values of physical effort, determination and perseverance.
We see a strong parallel between these kinds of sports and the view we have of our profession.

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FrenchMan Triathlon

Thanks to its deep involvement in triathlon competitions, Maison Sichel has for the past few years been a special partner of the FrenchMan Triathlon, a long-distance triathlon event (3.8km swimming, 180km cycling, 42km running) which takes place in Hourtin (Médoc) in May.

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Sichel Sport Triathlon

The Sichel Sport Triathlon is held in parallel with the FrenchMan Triathlon and can be entered either as an individual or team.

Each team is made up of three athletes (1 swimmer, 1 cyclist and 1 runner) and can be mixed.

The rules are the same as for the individual Triathlon des Châteaux event. Cycling – no drafting.
1.5km swimming / 40km cycling / 10km running.

Trophies are awarded to the best swimmer, cyclist and runner, the best team in the general classification and the best team in the Châteaux classification.


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