Cassagnau Rosé La Chapelle IGP Pays d'Oc Rosé - Technical sheet


Cassagnau Rosé La Chapelle

IGP Pays d'Oc Rosé

Languedocien and oceanic, these are the terms that define the excellence and uniqueness of this terroir. We find ourselves here, as if by magic, at the confluence of two climates: the Mediterranean influences bring generosity and the sun conducive to beautiful maturities. The westerly flows, meanwhile, maintain the humidity and freshness necessary for the expression of the fruit.

Technical sheets

  • 2023

    VINTAGE 2023


    Superb, fashionable pastel hue. Bouquet of small red-berried fruits, but also exudes refreshing citrussy notes. The palate is delicateness itself, gentle and fruity at the attack, supplying an invigorating sense of freshness at the finish. A rosé that’s as light as air, an ideal and refined companion for canapés and cocktail dinners or light meals. A ray of summer sunshine whatever the season. What a pleasure to taste this wine with friends, served chilled, on a beautiful summer evening to accompany Mediterranean dishes, or quite simply, grilled meats!


    To drink young, within the 2-3 years following its vintage.